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Robert Lönnqvist
Anne Valeur

Tom Haga

Flor & Fjære is a unique family owned destination located on an island in the cold fjords outside Stavanger, Norway. A one-of-a-kind greenhouse restaurant that can seat up to 600 guests, placed in the middle of 50 acres of incredible gardens with beautiful beaches and tropical palm trees – a visit here is both peaceful and exciting.

Together with the family we defined a brand strategy and visual identity to tell their story.

Project information


A green background with subtle shadows of leaves. The text 'Flor & Fjaere' is embossed in the center, blending into the background.

Family history

From purchasing the homestead in 1965 – to opening for guests in 1995 – the Bryn family have transformed a windswept islet into a breathtaking garden.

A serene garden scene with blooming flowers and lush greenery. The view includes a calm body of water reflecting the sunlight, with trees and branches framing the image. The distant landscape and soft light create a peaceful atmosphere.
A tranquil garden featuring a pond surrounded by large rocks, various trees, and meticulously pruned shrubs. Three tall white birch trees stand prominently on the left side, with a variety of greenery and colorful flowers in the background. The scene is serene and lush, with reflections visible on the calm water surface.

Fresh sea, colorful gardens and delicious food – Flor & Fjære is many things. The logo symbol hints to it all, but is foremost a homage to the northernmost palm tree garden in the world.

A green background with shadows of leaves. In the center is a dark green minimalist logo consisting of four teardrop shapes arranged to form a symmetrical design.
Olav Bryn, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and green pants, is watering plants inside a large greenhouse. He is holding a hose and smiling, with water spraying onto tall plants in large pots. The greenhouse is filled with various plants and has a bright, structured interior.
Endre and Hanne standing together in the garden, both smiling at the camera. Endre is wearing a blue baseball cap, a plaid shirt, and jeans. Hanne is wearing a light sweater and jeans. They are surrounded by various plants and trees, with a palm tree on the left side of the image.

The brand typeface is both sophisticated and bubbly – much like Flor & Fjære itself.

A large outdoor sign with the text 'SPRING 2023, OPEN'. Below, it reads 'Welcome to the place where the rainbow hits the EARTH' on the left and 'Start your visit by BOOKING at florogfjære.no' on the right. The bottom of the sign shows the 'Flor & Fjære' logo.

GT Ultra

The energetic architecture and finespun details in GT Ultra allow for flexibility across all levels of the brand.

Each letter of GT Ultra Ultra is designed to be as bold as possible, and the same philosophy goes into Flor & Fjære’s creation of gardens.

A standing sign outside a building with the word 'WELCOME' in large green letters. Above it are greetings in multiple languages: 'Bienvenido, Salut, Privet, Bem-vindo, Yōkoso, Huānyíng'. Below, the sign says 'Your GUIDED TOUR starts HERE!' with arrows pointing left to 'ENGLISH' and right to 'NORSK'.
A long wooden dining table set for a meal with neatly arranged chairs. The table is adorned with clear glasses, cutlery, and small vases holding colorful flowers, creating an inviting and elegant atmosphere.

The identity utilizes greens as its base color, ranging from a sprouting bright green to a dark evergreen.

A picturesque garden with a variety of lush greenery and blooming flowers surrounding a calm pond. Tall, slender trees and weeping willows are reflected in the water, and the soft sunlight filters through the foliage, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

The extensive secondary color palette borrows from the vibrant splendor of the gardens’ flower beds.

Siri, a person with blonde hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a baseball cap, a blue hoodie, and black pants, is tending to a garden. She is crouching down, working with a variety of colorful flowers including pink, white, and purple blossoms, surrounded by a well-maintained landscape.
A beautifully landscaped garden with a variety of colorful flowers, palm trees, and other lush greenery. A paved pathway winds through the garden, leading to wooden benches in the distance. Tall trees and vibrant flowerbeds create a serene and inviting atmosphere.

The family goal has always been to give their guests the best possible experience – welcoming them wholeheartedly into their garden.

A green background with a dark green circle in the center. Inside the circle is a minimalist logo made of four teardrop shapes arranged symmetrically. Shadows of leaves are faintly visible on the background.
A green gift card partially pulled out of a matching envelope. The card features a minimalist logo of four teardrop shapes and reads 'GOOD MOMENTS are coming your way' in large text. Shadows of leaves are faintly visible in the background.
An envelope floating on water with a Flor & Fjaere logo seal. The envelope is addressed from Lukas Olsen and Sophia J. Madsen, featuring text that highlights incredible gardens and a fantastic restaurant, promising a unique experience of pleasure, recreation, and inspiration. Pink rose petals are floating around the envelope in the water.
A chef with short gray hair, wearing a white chef's jacket with a small green logo and a green apron, stands with arms crossed in a lush garden. The background features various trees, plants, and colorful flowers, creating a vibrant and serene atmosphere.
A close-up of a person wearing a white shirt with a small green logo, holding a notepad and pen. The person's hands are visible, writing down an order, while another hand holding a menu is partially visible in the foreground. The background is slightly blurred, focusing on the interaction.

Locally sourced

Flor & Fjæres chef serves fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and produce, as well as homegrown herbs and vegetables from the greenhouse.

A close-up of a person holding a cup of latte with intricate latte art on top. The person is wearing a green apron with the 'Flor & Fjaere' logo. The cup also has a small green logo matching the one on the apron.
Brand photo. Three young children playing on a sandy beach. One child carries a yellow inflatable boat, another holds a unicorn float, and the third walks ahead wearing a hat. The beach has scattered chairs, tables, and large rocks, with lush greenery and trees in the background. The calm water and sunny weather create a serene and joyful atmosphere.
A green T-shirt with the 'Flor & Fjaere' logo displayed on rocky terrain. The shirt is neatly laid out, contrasting with the textured light-colored rocks beneath it.
A green coaster with the text 'A taste of PARADISE' and 'Est'd. 1995' surrounding a minimalist logo of four teardrop shapes. The coaster is placed on a dark green surface with a glass of water casting a light reflection nearby.
A wine list menu partially submerged in clear water, resting on a sandy surface with rocks around it. The menu is titled 'WINE LIST' in large bold letters and features a minimalist logo. Various wine categories are listed, including Rosé, Sparkling, Champagne, White, Red, and Dessert wines.

Together with Finnish illustrator Robert Lönnqvist we created a set of brand illustrations expressing the emotional experience of Flor & Fjære.

An illustration of a stylized person with a yellow head and long, curved nose nestled within green palm leaves. The person appears to be hugging the tree trunk, with its eyes closed, creating a peaceful and whimsical scene on a light green background.
An illustration featuring a large hand holding green leaves in the center. On the left, there's a white bird with orange flowers above it. On the right, a man wearing a hat and blue overalls is standing among palm trees and plants, with a yellow background and small red flowers in the distance. The scene is set against a light green background.
A vibrant illustration depicting a group of people in a lush, tropical setting. One person pours a drink into the scene, while others relax and interact among colorful plants and trees. The scene includes a sun, varied foliage, and a table set with drinks, creating a lively and cheerful atmosphere.
A framed poster on a green tiled wall with the text 'FEAST FOR THE SENSES' in large bold letters. Above, it reads 'A SENSORY EXPERIENCE: fresh sea, colorful gardens and delicious food.' The poster also highlights the menu's focus on 'HOMEGROWN seasonal herbs and vegetables.' The bottom features colorful illustrations of plants and flowers with the 'Flor & Fjaere' logo at the top.
A tote bag with the 'Flor & Fjære' logo resting on a green bench. The bag features an illustration of a yellow flower wearing sunglasses eating ice cream.
A poster at a bus stop with the text 'SOMETHING FOR VISION AND TASTE ALIKE' in bold letters. The poster features an illustration of large tomatoes with green leaves and a chef. The dates 'FROM: MAY' and 'TO: SEPT' are displayed at the top corners. At the bottom, it reads 'Flor & Fjære is where the Rainbow hits Earth' and '2023' is printed on either side.

The illustrations are closely linked to the typographic details and the logo symbol shapes – creating a consistent and familiar visual language.

A signpost with two directional signs pointing in opposite directions. The left sign is pink and reads 'Rose Garden,' while the right sign is yellow and reads 'Japanese Garden.' The signs are attached to a green pole with a clear blue sky in the background.
A split image with a young girl and an adult, likely her mother, enjoying waffles at a table on the left. The girl is holding a piece of waffle and smiling. The right side of the image has the text 'Something for VISION and TASTE alike.' on a light pink background.
Two flags flying on flagpoles against a light blue sky. The front flag is pink with the 'Flor & Fjære' logo, and the second flag behind it is blue, also featuring the 'Flor & Fjære' logo.
A tote bag with the text 'Start Collecting Happiness' hanging on a branch of a tree covered in pink blossoms. The 'Flor & Fjære' logo is displayed at the bottom of the bag. The background features a scenic view of a garden with more flowering trees.

The website is designed to feel like a visit to the island: Welcoming, wonderful and seamless.

A person holding a smartphone displaying a page from the Flor & Fjære website. The screen shows an illustration of colorful flowers and leaves with text in Norwegian that reads 'Velkommen til Hagen Vår' and 'En fest for sansene; friskt hav, fargerike hager og fantastisk mat.' There is a green button with the text 'Bestill ditt besøk' and pricing information below.

The site accommodates for a broad target audience with easy storytelling, exciting imagery and an effortless booking experience.

An illustration depicting a festive scene with people dancing, lounging, and enjoying drinks among colorful plants. At the center, a couple dances in an embrace under a large sunhat. To the right, people toast with champagne glasses near a large champagne bottle. Vibrant flowers and plants frame the lively celebration, with musical notes floating in the background.

All elements acts consistently together, in physical space, in print or in digital – creating a comprehensive identity and experience of Flor & Fjære.

A bright and airy restaurant interior with large windows showcasing an outdoor garden full of vibrant flowers. Wooden tables and chairs are neatly arranged, each table set with glassware, menus, and minimalistic decor. Palm trees and other lush greenery are integrated into the indoor space, creating a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor environments.
Poster with a yellow background featuring the text 'Welcome to this year's most colorful experience' in bold, green capital letters. Above the main text, in smaller green letters, is 'Flor&Fjære is a sanctuary for PLEASURE.' Below the main text, another smaller green text reads 'RELAX and BE INSPIRED by the unique combination of gardens and restaurant.'
A scenic outdoor setting with wooden tables and chairs on a wooden deck, surrounded by vibrant flower beds in shades of purple, yellow, and pink. Palm trees are planted in large flower beds, adding to the tropical ambiance. The backdrop features a serene fjord, with mountains visible in the distance, all under a soft, warm sunset light.
Hanne Hidlefjord is tending to a garden full of vibrant flowers, including yellow and purple blooms. She is smiling and holding a bouquet of flowers, enjoying the sunny day surrounded by lush greenery and colorful plants. The background features a path and more garden areas, with a body of water and trees visible in the distance.

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