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Einar Aslaksen
Nils Erga
Byrået Sydvest
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AutoStore has launched Innovation Hub, a new center dedicated to testing, replicating and manipulating warehouse environments. The showroom in the heart of the building, XYZ, aspires to inspire and inform visitors of its capabilities through the display of technology, process and prototyping.

How do you position a technological test lab located on a quiet, industrial island? Expanding upon the existing brand work done with AutoStore, we repositioned the place with a new name, redefined spatial layouts, new materiality supported by a distinct and bold signage & wayfinding system.

Project information

Hand-drawn sketch of a proposed exhibition layout, with areas labeled 'DISPLAY', 'WC + LIFT', and 'MEET'. The sketch includes perspective lines and indicates an entry point with an arrow labeled 'XYZ'.
Photograph of a modern building with a sleek metallic exterior next to a traditional concrete structure with several windows, under a clear blue sky with few clouds.
Close-up view of a modern building's white metallic corner against a vibrant blue sky with soft white clouds.
A person ascending a modern spiral staircase within a spacious building with a geometric glass facade and a sign reading 'AutoStore Innovation'. The floor has markings with arrows pointing in different directions.

The concept behind the facade extension box was mainly to differentiate the building from the surrounding industrial buildings, but also to create an impression of transparency and technology through materiality.

A technician kneels while working on machinery in a high-tech industrial setting, surrounded by tall, metallic shelving units and transparent vertical panels. A bright red robotic unit stands out in the monochromatic environment.

The name, graphic language and materiality was inspired by the AutoStore grid. Both polycarbonate and aluminium are sustainable, and can easily be reshaped and repurposed.

Close-up of a sleek, illuminated sign labeled 'Innovation Hub' with a stylized design, hanging by a red, coiled cable against a blurred background of vertical, translucent panels.

The materials, finishing and wayfinding aims to evoke a sense of stepping into an experimental lab.

A restroom sign with the letters 'WC' and icons representing male and female figures on a metal plate, affixed to a fluted, metallic column.
A closed, modern metal door in a minimalistic room with translucent plastic walls and floor markings leading to the door, next to a sign that possibly indicates the room's purpose.
An abstract overhead view of a concrete floor with scattered black directional markings and arrows, including 'XYZ' letters, indicating navigational paths.
A modern office environment with a person walking past a table displaying a '2°C' climate goal sign, beside a table with red boxes and a wall poster titled 'Innovation + Form + Process'.

Modular display systems were introduced to showcase innovation and process. The display units were specified to be highly flexible and reflect the modular AutoStore grids visible through the large glass panels.

Motion-blurred figure of a person walking through a corridor with transparent, fluted walls and a metallic mesh ceiling, creating a dynamic and futuristic atmosphere.
A modern exhibition wall displaying the text 'Innovation + Form + Process' alongside 'XYZ', various design-related texts, diagrams, and objects on shelving, with a red box accent piece above.
A corner of a modern, industrial-style space with translucent walls and a metallic grid ceiling. There's a display with technical equipment, diagrams, and an explanatory text on the wall.
Two people in a contemporary office meeting area with transparent glass walls, one standing and one sitting at a desk, with climate goal signage displaying '2°C' on digital screens.
A sign indicating a 'Meeting room' with an icon of three figures, mounted on a glass wall with a dark frame, in an office environment.

Folded aluminium signs

Constructed in aluminium for consistency, they also mimic the components used to build the robot grids.


The AutoStore typeface was used to align the space and identity to the mother brand. Additionally, we introduced a mono version to establish the concept of technology, programming and metadata.

Floor navigation markings with an arrow and words 'Exit', 'WC', 'Lift', accompanied by corresponding pictograms for restroom facilities, including an accessibility symbol.
Detailed view of an exhibition stand with various items including books labeled 'XYZ', a timeline of robotic development, a wheel component, technical drawings, and a descriptive text about 'AutoStore' with a QR code for additional information.

The wayfinding system concept was inspired by graphics often seen in tech labs and warehouses.

A collection of nine white pictograms on black backgrounds, representing various facilities such as an upward arrow, fire extinguisher, wheelchair access, restrooms, hanger, elevator, group of people, meeting room, and staircase.
Overhead perspective of a spiral staircase with metallic banisters, looking down onto the steps that create a pattern of converging lines. Floor markings with the letters 'XYZ' and directional arrows are visible.
Modern interior signage on a fluted, translucent wall with pictograms indicating directions for stairs, elevator, and restrooms, including accessibility options.
Minimalistic entrance with double doors set in a smooth, white exterior wall, accompanied by a railing and a sign that reads 'Innovation Hub'.
Directional signage on a concrete floor indicating 'Lift' with a left-pointing arrow and a wheelchair accessibility symbol.
Close-up of a textured metallic mesh pattern, creating an abstract monochrome image with the play of light and shadow.
A modern, illuminated building corner at twilight, glowing with internal light and accented by a luminous strip, juxtaposed against the darkening sky.

Illuminating the polycarbonate box creates a focal point at night.

The story of a vision

As part of the AutoStore Innovation Hub project, we recognized the importance of leaving a memorable experience with key visitors. A printed publication containing thoughts and reflections on innovation was made in collaboration with the client.

See the XYZ book case here

A hardcover book with a silver cover titled 'XYZ'. The book's spine also reads 'XYZ' and the cover includes the text 'Innovation Hub 01 Reflections on innovation and technology'. Another similar book lies next to it, showing a grid pattern on its cover.
An open book displaying an article titled 'What Is a Patent?' with a large number '09' at the top. The left page features a black-and-white photo of mechanical gears and cogs. The right page includes text explaining the concept of patents, with contributions from Omegaos AS, Unkue Anabel, and European patent attorney Henrik Rode.
An open book with bright red pages displaying the large white letters 'R&D' across both pages.

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